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Falklands Diary — week one

This is the story of the first week of my first month in the Falkland Islands after moving 8000 from London. I haven’t edited it much since I first wrote it. The photos are all ones taken at the time and I make no claims as to their greatness, only their immediacy. I was originally due to travel on 1st August but the flight, which is run by the RAF from Brize Norton military base, was delayed for a day for reasons I never uncovered. Luckily I found this out just before leaving my parents’ house, unlike some poor souls who were already on their way to Oxfordshire when it was announced…

Tuesday 2 August 2022

The twenty-four hours delay to my departure was hard to process. Every moment felt like that point at the top of a rollercoaster. Every minute was a waiting room of infinite dimensions. I am usually good at doing nothing but I don’t like to be forced into it. Despite the emotion of leaving, it was a relief to get off the ground, a day later than planned.

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