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Yanni - Tribute (1997) (DVD9).iso

Yanni - Tribute (1997) (DVD9).iso

Yanni is a Greek composer, keyboardist, and producer who is known for his blend of contemporary instrumental music and world music. He has sold over 25 million albums worldwide and has performed in more than 40 countries. One of his most ambitious and memorable projects was the Tribute concert series, which took place in 1997 at two of the world's most historic landmarks: the Taj Mahal in India and the Forbidden City in China.

The Tribute concerts were a celebration of life and humanity, as well as a tribute to the people and cultures of India and China. Yanni and his orchestra performed in front of thousands of spectators, as well as millions of viewers who watched the live broadcasts on PBS. The concerts featured new compositions by Yanni, as well as some of his classic hits, such as "Santorini", "Nightingale", and "Niki Nana". The concerts also showcased the talents of some of the world's best musicians, such as violinist Karen Briggs, flutist Pedro Eustache, guitarist Ramon Stagnaro, and vocalists Vann Johnson and Alfreda Gerald.


The Tribute concerts were recorded and released as a CD album and a DVD video in 1997. The CD album contains 11 tracks, while the DVD video includes 12 tracks, as well as a bonus documentary titled "No Borders, No Boundaries", narrated by Christopher Plummer. The documentary gives an insight into the behind-the-scenes challenges and preparations that went into making the concerts possible. The DVD video also features stunning visuals of the Taj Mahal and the Forbidden City, as well as interviews with Yanni and some of the performers.

The Tribute concerts were a milestone in Yanni's career, as well as a testament to his vision and passion for music. They were also a demonstration of how music can transcend boundaries and bring people together. As Yanni said in the documentary, "Music is the one language that we all speak".

If you are interested in experiencing the magic of the Tribute concerts, you can download the DVD video file from this link: [Yanni - Tribute (1997) (DVD9).iso]. This is an ISO file, which means that you can either burn it to a DVD disc or mount it on your computer using a virtual drive software. You can also find more information about Yanni and his music on his official website: [].


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