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Founded in 2021, we are here to provide profound climbing experiences outdoors in beautiful Ericeira all year round.



Starting with offering bouldering tours in beginning of 2021, we have now discovered more sectors for different levels (including a top rope line) allowing you to experience a climbing on a level that suits you - as well as allowing your experience to grow as a climber and as a person.

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We provide equipment (rope, chalk, crashpads etc) and shoes, but we are open minded about the fact you MUST use climbing shoes.


We recognise the great tool a climbing shoe can be, but at the same time the experience of barefoot climbing connects you in a new way, using your toes and delicacy becomes a rewarding experience and make us so much more aware of how we use our feet. 

We offer daily climbing tours & special training packages for you to become the "rockstar" that you were born to be. 

Lisbon Climbing is slowly expanding and together we can reach more. 

Please get in contact for collaboration or partnerships.


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