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Cosmographer 3

Cosmographer 3: The Ultimate Map-Making Tool for Sci-Fi Fans

Do you love sci-fi games and stories? Do you want to create your own starships, solar systems, worlds and galaxies? If you answered yes, then you need Cosmographer 3, the add-on to Campaign Cartographer 3+ that lets you design stunning sci-fi maps with ease.

Cosmographer 3

What is Cosmographer 3?

Cosmographer 3 is an add-on to Campaign Cartographer 3+, the award-winning map-making software for fantasy and historical settings. With Cosmographer 3, you can expand your map-making horizons to the realms of science fiction. You get easy-to-use drawing tools, textures and a palette of several thousand symbols in multiple styles to construct SF cartography for any game system.

What can you do with Cosmographer 3?

With Cosmographer 3, you can create all kinds of sci-fi maps, such as:

  • Starship deckplans: Design the interior layout of your spaceship, from the bridge to the engine room. You can use connecting symbols to show how different decks and sections are linked together. You can also add details like doors, windows, furniture, equipment and more.

  • Star maps: Map out the stars and planets in your galaxy, in both 2D and 3D. You can use sheet effects to make your stars shine bright and the engines glow hot. You can also add visualized z-coordinates to your star maps to extend your universe into the third dimension.

  • Solar systems: Zoom in on a specific star system and show its planets, moons, asteroids and other features. You can use realistic textures and symbols to make your solar system look authentic and beautiful.

  • World maps: Create the surface map of any planet or moon, from Earth-like worlds to alien landscapes. You can use different projections, climates, terrains and biomes to make your world unique and diverse.

  • Local area maps: Draw the details of a specific location on a planet or moon, such as a city, a base, a colony or a ruin. You can use buildings, roads, vehicles, vegetation and other elements to populate your map.

  • A huge array of maps for the Traveller RPG: If you are a fan of the classic sci-fi role-playing game Traveller, you will love Cosmographer 3. It includes a complete set of symbols and templates for Traveller maps, such as sector maps, subsector maps, world maps, UWP data sheets, ship silhouettes and more.

How to get Cosmographer 3?

To use Cosmographer 3, you need to have Campaign Cartographer 3+ installed on your computer. Campaign Cartographer 3+ is a powerful and versatile map-making software that lets you create maps for any genre and setting. You can buy Campaign Cartographer 3+ from [ProFantasy Software] for USD$44.95.

Once you have Campaign Cartographer 3+, you can buy Cosmographer 3 as an add-on from [ProFantasy Software] for USD$39.95. You can also buy other add-ons for Campaign Cartographer 3+, such as Dungeon Designer 3, City Designer 3, Symbol Set 4 - Dungeons of Schley and more.

Why choose Cosmographer 3?

Cosmographer 3 is the ultimate map-making tool for sci-fi fans because:

  • It is easy to use: You don't need any artistic skills or technical knowledge to create amazing sci-fi maps with Cosmographer 3. You just need to drag and drop symbols, draw lines and shapes, apply textures and effects and customize your map as you wish.

  • It is flexible: You can create sci-fi maps for any game system or setting with Cosmographer 3. You can also mix and match symbols and styles from different add-ons to create your own unique look.

  • It is fun: You can unleash your creativity and imagination with Cosmographer 3. You can design your own starships, solar systems, worlds and galaxies, or use the existing ones as inspiration. You can also share your maps with other users and enjoy their feedback and comments.

If you love sci-fi games and stories, you will love Cosmographer 3. It is the perfect companion for your sci-fi adventures and campaigns. Get it today and start mapping the cosmos!


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